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What are the differences between split and all-in-one highway piling machines


Industry like to talk about highway piling machine is divided into two categories, one is split road piling machine, one is an all-in-one highway piling machine. 

In the distinction between these models, mainly from the highway piling machine structure to distinguish, split road piling machine is a type of external air compressor, including the traditional 260 model and loading part of the model,

And the all-in-one highway piling machine is a highway piling machine with screw type air compressor or piston air compressor. 

At present, more demand, the common piling construction, the use of more is a split load piling machine, the equipment in the piling efficiency has a special advantage, and the 260 model of the road piling machine is mostly used for a small amount of piling construction and some specific engineering construction.

On the contrary, the vast majority of drilling construction works, most of the use of all-in-one road piling machine. 

Split Highway piling machine in the process of drilling, the need to towed a separate air compressor, so long need a separate person to operate, at the same time, such a construction method risk coefficient is also relatively large, in the rural highway construction efficiency is not high, accompanied by the increase in construction costs. 

All-in-one highway piling machine because it is the structure of its own air compressor, it eliminates part of the labor, at the same time improve the operation of the equipment convenience, more configuration of different construction efficiency is also different.

In the eyes of the old drivers who often use road piling machines, the all-in-one highway piling machine is the main tool to be considered in the current project, but according to the test situation of the project, there will be a number of other considerations and options. 

Whether it is split highway piling machine or all-in-one road piling machine, the function is the same, the difference lies in the construction cost and efficiency of the difference. 

Overall, the upgrading of highway piling machine is getting better, construction efficiency is more and more high, construction costs are getting lower, to choose what kind of equipment should also be judged according to their own circumstances.

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